Hello, and welcome on my website!

I'm very happy that you take interest in my art and its context. Let me say some introducing words to you:

I exchanged canvas against bright plexiglass, oil-paints against acrylic-paints and from nature I borrow forms and objects. As I was and always will be fascinated by colours, light and nature, my artwork emerges everytime in this interactive context. Modernity provides me with themes and perception. Expressive colourfullness, surrealistic points of view, asynchronic story-telling and ironic use of forms define my style. Modern materials and an often worldwide unique technique of painting give stabilitiy and structure to it.

In each of my multi-layered paintings & works with their phantastic worlds of experiences your vision can lose itself in various seductions, your consciousness can disvocer a multitude of realities and your willingness to interpret art can perform acrobatics..This is how I create my art-works: paintings, collages and objects. And this explains my style as "New Viennese Surrealism". A visual and intellectual voyage of discovery awaits you.

With best wishes
Helga Nadja Arlow