I work mainly wiht acrylic colours on acrylic glass (i.e. plexiglass, perspex). For my paintings I use plexiglass-plates and for my "Colour-Worlds" I use Plexiglass-spheres.

The transparency of acrylicglass gives me the best luminosity and together with acrylic colours I can create the colour-intensitiy that is a unique part of my style.

Sometimes I accentuate the coloufulness of a work through painting on both sides of the glass, which, however, should not be mistaken as a "Double-Painting" on canvas or a "verre eglomisť" as in old churches for instance.

I developped thus a very specific form of painting which creates a reciprocal visual tension between, but also an intrinsic union of both colourbases.

The forms and figures in my work are in a pretended way naively made and surrealistically sharpend.

In any case I want to visualize with my works stories from other levels of conciousness and worlds for your, so that your fantasy might get carried away.

In my collages I use little objects, as nature gives me (seashells, stones etc.) and/or man-made (buttons, rings etc.), depending on what my particular compositions need. I use these objects scantily and quite ironically.

In my fotopaintings I use own fotos which I adapted on PC and overpaint them with special paint-markers, inks and acrylic colours.

My style has been called "New Vienna Surrealism", perhaps not only because I brought this tradition into a new, more timely context, but perhaps also because I am a modern, female challenge to the "old masters".

Multiples: From some selected acrylic paintings and "paint-overs" photos I will offer - in a technically excellent standard - strictly limited, numbered and dated - handsigned colour-prints on acrylic glass

All editions whatsoever will be authorised and printed only to a maximum of 3 E.d.A. and 25 multiples.