As i see my work

As to my artistic intensions and convictions, I will gladly say: I do not fall blindly to dictatorial impositions of "ratio" or to the monotony of rationalism.

And I will not be guided by long disproven "wisdoms" and bloodless "rules". Especially not in my art-work. I will not bow to an ideologically limited, aesthetic dictate, let alone to whatever fancy dish-of-the-day, might it be "in" or "out"
Surely, I transgress known borderlines, I enter in new territory. This applies to my themes, motifs and my techniques. So thus I come to new visual and material forms of expression, which – as magic-poetic imaginations – have their personal origin within me and their spiritual root in Surrealism. Insofar I act "from within me" but also in the context of the Vienna Surrealism.

But neither do I want really a theoratically or arthistorically to take the witness-stand on that, nor to refer to André Breton or other "Grand Old Men". My work should be proof enough of my artistic intensions and convictions. But yes, I consider myself part of the great, also great Viennese painting tradtion of Surrealism, which – to paraphrase Hans Arp – always had a rebellious position towards art and life, without falling victim to anarchy.
With all lack of modesty I see myself as an impulse-giving actionist and representative with new ideas for a revival of a basically old-tendency here in Vienna.