Curriculum vitae

Highlights of the last years:

September 1999

Developing the technique of painting and collage on acrylic-glass

February 2000

Individual exhibition of collages on acrylic-glass in Vienna

2001 to 2002

Further experiments with acrylic-glassas colour-base, developping techniques with different types of acrylic and other colours

Beginning 2003

Finalising the specific technique of painting on acrylic-glass (plates and spheres)

October 2004

Group-Exhibition, acrylic-paintings, Vienna

Spring 2005

Developing my technique of photo-paint-overs(drawings, colours, technique of painting, photo-papers, chemical interaction)

Summer 2006

Studies in Canada / Toronto

Autumn 2006

presentation of some of my acrylic-paintings to canadian private collectors

September 2007

further studies in Canada/Manitoulin Island, Indian Reservation in Lake Huron (colourstudies and experiments to include forms of native art into my own work)

October 2007

Canada: delivery of acrylic-paintings to private collectors

June 2008

Group-Exhibition in Laa a.d.Thaya, Austria of acrylic paintings, colour-worlds, photo-paint-over, prints on canvas

August 2008

Invitation to present the main work (acrylic painting) for the "St. Eustachius-Festival at the Wildalpen 2009"

October / November 2008

Individual exhibiton of acrylic paintings, colour-worlds, photo-paint-over, prints on canvas in Zwettl, Lower / Austria

April 2009

Participation ARS VINUM 2009 on april 25th 2009 Individual presentation at the Winery Böcskei, Hauptstraße 29, 7092 Winden am See, more information here.

September / October 2009

Presentation of my two acrylpaintings "EUSTACHIUS" and "LE SAUVAGE ONE" at the festivities of "Hl. Eustachius" (27th september – 16th of october 2009) in the church "Hl. Barbara" in Wildalpen, Styria, Austria. Both works were made on request.